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How are fascia boards manufactured? What are the components and supplies used in the production? And what are
the tactics of the manufacturing firms to meet the demands of their shoppers? These boards that have been
originated in its raw materials will then undergo a manufacturing course of action with the finish result of a finished

ready for installation. Being familiar of the manufacturing processed will help us discover and have a deeper
understanding of this product type.

Standard fascia boards as invented had been additional readily manufactured and are formed of wood. The wood is
then completed to dimensions set beforehand utilizing strategies identified to the producer and is skilled in this place.
Desirable dimensions this kind of as 7mm, 9mm, 12mm, 16mm and 22mm thick are predetermined by the skilled
manufacturer for they know that these measurements have been demanded by the shoppers and is commonly
utilized because the dimensions in the building of a house or the creating itself is dependent on these obtainable
measurements and specifications of boards. The wood employed according to the invention was one particular of the
thoroughly selected from woods that are ordinarily employed in woodworking and creating building. Instance of this
desirable woods are pine, oak, cherry, maple, ash, walnut, chestnut, beech, cherry, mahogany, rosewood, hickory,
wenge, lace wood, and butternut.

After fascia boards are completed and initially polished by milling or other desirable finishing procedures, a primer is
applied to the fascia board. The purpose of the primer is to aid the paint to stick adhesively when painted into the
boards. Examples of primer have been latex, epoxy, acrylic, urethane-wealthy, zinc, oil-based, and water-primarily
based. In coating primer, one particular or two coats can be applied based on its impact onto the board. The manner
of coating may rely on the method identified by the skilled art worker. Tactics were rolling, spraying, dipping or

Soon after the application of the primer to the fascia, the boards had been then painted. Instance of paints used had
been latex, acrylic, and oil based mostly. The paint can be white or any colour, but common boards are white in
colour. Any method in applying the paint that is recognized by the skilled worker can be applied. Techniques will
involve spraying, rolling, dipping or brushing. Painting and coating the primed fascia completes and finishes the
manufacturing course of action. The boards are now ready for set up and installation.

Fascia boards, with the latest technologies are certainly manufactured pre primed and pre painted. This will ease the
customers in installation of the boards without having having the difficulty of priming and painting. This will
consequently saves power and is expense efficient as effectively. The part of the client is to verify what kinds of
fascia boards are suitable to his desires and taste. He have to

think about the theme of the residence or constructing for the fascia boards to be of best tandem.

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